Impact and Sustainability

At Zero2Cool®️, our whole mission is built upon the following goals:

  • In a warming world, to reduce both the cost of cooling and its environmental impact, so that it becomes accessible to all, without further damaging the planet
  • To increase access to vital cooling technology for all communities, contributing to saving lives and improving financial and environmental outcomes
  • To make our technology as available in the Global South as it is in the North
  • To deliver technology which reduces GHG emissions significantly
  • To use refrigerants with zero GWP (Global Warming Potential) and zero ODP (Ozone Depleting Potential)

Lack of Cold Chain in the Global South – Transformational Impact of Zero2Cool®️ Cold Chain Products

In the Global South, where margins are extremely tight and commodity values of fresh produce are low in absolute terms, the cost of fuel is usually prohibitive for operators, from farmers to distributors, preventing use of conventional electrically-powered refrigeration. It is usually cheaper to accept food loss as high as 65% than to pay for the fuel to run a conventional cooling system.

Because Zero2Cool’s®️ chillers deliver cooling free at the point of use, this depressing and destructive dynamic can be reversed and cooling made affordable, often for the first time.

Making Cold Chain Possible

The consequences of this can be profound:

  • New industries can be created, in the cold chain
  • Food loss can be dramatically reduced and shelf life extended, improving economic and social outcomes (food loss in Nigeria, for example, is estimated by that country’s government to be a $15 billion a year problem)
  • Significant amounts of GHG emissions can be avoided, from saved fuel, to reduced food loss, to reductions in production of food, thanks to reduced loss in the supply chain, to reductions in the number of miles driven by trucks carrying food.

With a payback period usually below 1.5 years the Zero2Cool®️ system is within reach of the many. Further developments in the market’s ability to offer Cooling as a Service, whereby CAPEX is turned into OPEX, is expected to accelerate the uptake of our technology.


Refrigeration (storage)

With capacities of between 18 kW and 300 kW, and temperature ranges of 3C to 18C, we deliver cold storage solutions with zero fuel cost and zero CO2. Our chillers can be run off waste heat from any generator, including hydrogen, and also off direct fired heat, or biomass. We are actively working on solar solutions as well, such that our technology can be deployed in almost any situation.

Refrigeration (transport)

With cooling capacities from 4 kW to 7 kW, designed for refrigeration of trailers up to 40/50’, and temperature ranges from 3-18C, our thermal compressor TRUs run off the engine exhaust gases, providing 100% cost- and CO2-free refrigeration. Back-up power from gas and solar is also provided, making the unit entirely self-contained.

Air Conditioning

Zero2Cool offers highly efficient, reliable cooling and heating units designed to fit easily into any existing air conditioning system. Both our stand-alone and externally powered models deliver a significant reduction in cooling emissions and energy costs at far higher ambient temperatures than other solutions.